1. Each item entered must be at lest 75% the fabric you receive. (this is the Visible surface must be 75% or more the fabric provided.  for example you can make a stuffed critter or a purse and the fabric needs to be 75% of the visible used surface.)
2. Only entry per person.
3. You may make a "Set" of items with the fabric but they must all be used together. (Ie a wallet and purse, a bow and a skirt, momma cloth and a bag)
4. You may advertise the competition but you CANNOT tell which item is yours.
5. When submitting photos they cannot have a business or personal watermark. you may watermark them with "By the Yard" to protect the photo.
6. You are not required to participate in the Auction.
7. Anyone not following the rules will be removed from the competition and will not be allowed back in.
8. HAVE FUN!!! (MOST Important rule)


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  2. Who and when sends out the fabric? I rec'd fabric today that I don't think I ordered from anyone, but there's no note stating that this was what it's for... It's a brown and pink floral...