Can I use a pattern? -Yes you can! but remember this is a competition so you may want to adjust the pattern to make it your own and make it interesting! 

Can I use other fabric/ materials? Yes! you can use anything you want (keep it legal) but remember your project needs to be 75% the fabric you are sent. 

Do I have to use the whole yard? No! you can use as little or as much as you would like but remember the 75% rule 

Do I have to sell my item in the Auction? No you are welcome to keep, gift, give away, or what ever you want with your item. 

Do I have to participate in the competition to sell in the Auction? No BUT only items made with this fabric can be sold in the auction. 

Can I tell my friends/ fans/ family to vote for me in the competition? You are welcome to tell anyone and everyone about the competition and that you are participating BUT you can not tell them which number you are in any way, Please be honest and fair to everyone. 

Why is there a fee? The fee is the cost of the fabric plus shipping. 

When will the next round start? Tentatively the next round signups the same day the Auction starts.

Can I enter more than one photo? each entry will only be allowed one photo but you can use photo editing software to make multiple photos in to a collage. 

Where do I send the photo when Im done to be entered in the contest? Denimanddirt.kcroft@gmail.com

If you have any more questions please feel free to Email me :D

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